Upward Stars volleyball offers the most comprehensive volleyball and athletic training for young players.  

At Upward Stars Upstate, we offer an academy program all year long!  We have 3 different locations (Spartanburg, Gaffney, and Savannah, GA). We will have academies throughout the year in all three locations. We really see the long-term growth when our players continue instruction past one academy and would encourage your athlete to train in multiple academies throughout the year. Remember, our academy is from the beginner to players who play school and/or club ball.  We provide 3 levels of participation and training- beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Each group is leveled by experience in the game and led out accordingly.

Upward Stars Upstate Volleyball is committed to 100% developmental growth and maturity of our youth players in the sport of volleyball and in life through our unique 360 Progression. Here at Upward Stars we strive to develop the players in four key areas...

  • Mentally- Deeper understanding of the game and how to make right choices on and off the court while learning to read the ball and each other. (Proactive)

  • Athletically- Developing in physical strength, agility, coordination, stamina, and skill set.

  • Spiritually- Anyone can lead when it's easy-who's willing to lead when it's hard? At Upward Stars we use a curriculum that has been widely accepted to help develop our young athletes in character, faith, and relationships.

  • Socially- Learning to be a team player while encouraging others around you.

Our goal is to make sure that athletes aspire to the levels of skill and competition that they are fully capable of reaching starting at a young age. Our goal is also not only to excel our players in the field of volleyball, but also to help them aspire to their full potential in their lives as well as impact the lives of those around them.

Each academy features 2 practices/week conducted by our proven staff and led by a master coach, one or two Saturday tournaments against outside competition and cool Stars gear.

Summer Academy -  Click here to register.  

July 8 - August 12

Sundays (2:30-4) - Thursdays (5:30-7)

Tournament Dates: July 28 and August 11

*All of this academy will be held at The Volleyball Center/The Luke

What do parents have to say about our academy?

My daughter loves to play volleyball but after her first season playing for her school I noticed she lacked confidence.  She began Upward and within the first month she improved in every aspect of volleyball.  Maddie is very kind hearted and didn't play with aggressiveness therefore she didn't play to win.  Now she understands that being agrresive isn't disrespectful especially if you're thoughtful and kind to the others players on both teams.  As a parent, I've watched from the sidelines how this program has helped Maddie in more areas than just volleyball.  The leadership is so positive and encouraging. The coaches are supportive and really go out of their way to teach while making sure each player feels important and equal. I encourage any parent who wants their child to be a part of a positive and Christian sports environment to think about this program.  My daughter walked through those doors for the first time as a mediocre athlete and now is a confident volleyball player ready to battle.  These coaches made her fall in love with this sport and now our entire family has become interested.  Most nights you will find all 6 of us outside battling it out.  Everywhere we go Maddie has a volleyball in her hand just in case she can find someone to hit with her.  I will forever be indebted for what this program has done or her. 

Thank you so much!